Possible to require giving reason for downvotes?

I’ve noticed a lot that people will downvote something, but there’s no mention in the comments of why it was downvoted. If someone sees a genuine problem with something, then just downvoting without saying anything is unhelpful, so would it be possible to implement a system that would require commenting with an explanation of the downvote in order to do so?


this is a really old post, sorry to bring up an old one.

Really, this would be worse than the current system. Like, yeah, there’s an argument to be made that it would force users to explain themselves. But the reality of the situation is, a majority of downvote comments would be useless stuff like “no” or “fuck you”, and that’d just become cluttering and a bit toxic. Especially on posts that get downvoted into oblivion.

So, Like, Sure. Some people would write out a full explanation of why they disagreed with something, but most people just wouldn’t want to give it the time of day. So, Either comment sections become hell, or people become deterred from voting, and bad content doesn’t get the downvoting it deserves.


Honestly? I get what you mean, but this seems kinda unnecessary, tbh.

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