Hey guys, What are your opinions of revolutionary armed groups around the world ? To name a few for example ETA (Basque Country) , or the People’s Guerrilla Army (from Peru).

Even though I do think their ideals are noble (and that the only way to break from the system is with armed rebellion ) , I cannot accept the killings of civilians. I do think that this bombings that affect civilians only make people step away from the cause, and start accepting the Horseshoe theory.

I would like to hear your opinion on this topic. And what would be you answer when people ask if you support this groups.

I do get asked that a lot , and really don’t know how to explain them that supporting something .the cause, doesn’t make impossible to criticize some actions.


Imagine you’re an ant, and you need to tell a much larger creature to stop stomping on our hill? Do you sit down and politely ask the creature to stop stomping? No, because that never works. And because you have to force the creature to pay attention to you, the only option is to bite.

Revolutionary groups (and terror groups, for that matter) carry out terror attacks and attacks on civilian infrastructure to force their target (in the case of Rev groups it’s the ruling class) to pay attention to them. They could go around only ever shooting at the police, but there’s no promise the target will listen. However, if they make it a more public concern - if they threaten the supporters of the target - the target becomes forced to address the issue. This is what allows us to excuse instances of accidental collateral damage, such as when the IRA tried to blow up a building but accidentally killed some innocents in the process.

Is collateral damage good? should it be celebrated? fuck no. But, only the privileged get to inject morality into war. And that’s what this ultimately is, a war. In the case of Revolutionary Militant Fronts, the bourgeoisie declared war on the proletariat, when the bourgeoisie decided profits mattered more than lives. Rev groups fight this war for the liberation of the human race, to oppose them in this only gives defences for the bourgeoisie. To return to the IRA, to denounce the IRA because their freedom fighting as caused some unfortunate deaths, is to turn around and fully support the imperial projects of England.

The people who, when caught in the crossfire, turn and blame the freedom fighters are themselves the supporters of the oppressors. Those who are aware of their oppression almost always come around to supporting the freedom fighters, especially when the freedom fighters fight for good causes. The Northern Irish who blamed the IRA for the troubles, happened to be the Northern Irish who benefitted from English rule and didn’t see much of an issue with having Ireland divided. The Irish who saw the problem of an Ireland divided joined into Fennian groups, and eventually evolved into supporters of the Irish Republican Army. War polarizes in a way that not much else can. When goals become bigger than individuals, individuals will section themselves off to achieve those goals. In effect, we self-polarize along the ‘party lines’, and internalize the struggle on a level that’s hard to adequately put into words. In the United States, though the Black Panther Party wasn’t always the most moral movement, it still drew majority support from American PoC - and after desegregating, drew majority support from Communists regardless of race. Why? Because the liberation of the Black American was a struggle much bigger than the individuals within the movement, and because this issue was so well known every single American polarized themselves on it. Those who benefitted from segregation and the oppression of PoC stood firmly against BPP, those who were affected by the oppression backed BPP. We see the exact same thing today, those who benefit from the oppression of Black Americans oppose BLM, those who benefit from Fascism oppose Anti-Fascists.

So TLDR: Those who are oppressed will naturally side with liberation movements, those who oppose liberation movements are likely threatened by what they represent - or at a minimum defend those who are threatened by the liberation movements. Collateral damage or not, the oppressed will commit themselves to liberation.


I should probably add; If it’s leftists who’re denouncing violence from the oppressed, it can and should be assumed that those ‘leftists’ won’t engage themselves in the revolution once it comes to their country. It’s very easy to “yeah but murder’s always bad” when you live a death-free life. Those who’ve never had to deal with the blatant murder of their own, will likely never accept nor understand when people who have had to deal with that begin fighting back against their oppressors. Those ‘leftists’ will only drift into the ‘soft right’ once things get tough, and so, if you can’t convince them to understand the struggle, it’s safe to assume they’re not much more than a slightly more radical social democrat, and treat them that way.

The SocDem would far rather have Black Americans gunned down by the police in peaceful rallies, than support militant pro-black movements, because they fundamentally can’t support “violence” in politics. And, thus, they’re enemies of the revolution - in that they’ll oppose it on principle alone.


Good points.


I’d also like to add that while the tactics of revolutionary groups should always be fluid, there are certain things that we typically abstain from.

For example fidel notoriously stated that the reason the Cuban militants didn’t use bombings, was in order to not alienate themselves from the people. Similarly the puerto rican nationalists had a bombing campaign, but limited it to colonial or police buildings at night with no one in them.

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