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Hey Mr. Nintendo can you explain the kirby lore for me real quick?


I can mister Gaming, gladly. Thousands, maybe millions of years before the Kirby games, there were the Ancients. They were scientists, architects. Driven by fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of death. They discovered a matter most dark, and would do anything to conceal it. They built weapons with hopes that a hero would arise and fell the beast. They made seals. Sealing away all that they feared, knowing something else would deal with it. They left their seals on a quaint, underpopulated planet, assuming they would be safe. They built the clockwork stars, Planet sized satellites with the power to grant wishes. Dream fountains were scattered across the universe, and only when given enough dream power would the clockwork stars activate. But this backfired. Beings evil of heart used them to destroy, hurt and control. Nothing the Ancients did stopped them. An Ancient calling himself Hyness arrived with three mages. They, with their unscientific powers, destroyed the clockwork stars. All, but one. The ancients had fear that history would repeat itself, and these ungodly wizards would destroy them, once and for all. So, like all threats before them, Hyness and the three Mage-Sisters, were sealed, and banished to the far reaches of the universe. Needing a protector, the ancients made a Knight. The ultimate warrior. The ultimate LIFE, Designed to follow all commands. But evil gripped the warrior’s soul. It shed It’s form, and raw power emerged. It destroyed planets with a beat of it’s wings, Ripped reality with a slice of it’s sword. Nothing could stop it. The ancients prayed to their god, needing help. Their fear led hem to hide, not interfering in the slightest. The galactic knight ripped the species to shreds. With the last of their power, the ancients did all they knew. They sealed the knight. And with that, the ancients were gone. Except, one descendant. Magolor, named after the ancientspeak word for paradise. At some point, Ice Dragons seemingly go extinct. Millions of years later, Max Haltmann discovers presence of intense power. He builds it a robot body, and it reveals itself to be Star Dream. No longer linked to it’s ancient programming, It now has free will. That free will gives it a will to destroy. Star Dream helps Haltmann in his studies, secretly using the man to achieve it’s full power. Inter dimensional gates are discovered, and with his knowledge, Haltmann builds a company, wanting the best for his daughter, Susanne. One day, a particularly large rip is opened, and Susanne is pulled inside. Driven mad by the loss of his daughter, Haltmann lives through the day by thinking about using Star Dream to bring her back. Star Dream has no intent of doing this however, as It slowly corrupts Haltmann’s mind. Susanne has landed in Another Dimension. Hopping between dimensions and worlds, she obtains data on multiple species and planets, including Popstar. Around the same time, Magolor, a space traveler, draws near the milky way, and as he gets closer to Popstar, he gets closer to the Master Crown, and his mind is slowly drawn in. Into the Void. Later, on Popstar, near the beginning of Spring, Kirby is born. Later, nearing Popstar, Magolor meets a seemingly kind person named Marx. Marx asks of the whereabouts of the last remaining clockwork star, Galactic Nova. Magolor informs him that a strong being must activate the dream fountains, and that one already has been activated. Marx heads back to Popstar, knowing what to do. Some time later, Meta Knight discovers a dangerous mirror, one of many ancient seals, and in an attempt to destroy it, he awakens Dark Mind, and creates an alternate world. After Kirby defeats Dark Mind, a being of the sky named Taranza steals the mirror from it’s hiding place in the clouds. Hoping to give it to his girlfriend and queen, Sectonia, he returns to Floralia. She accepts the gift, but Dark Meta Knight, the last link to Dark Mind, begins the corruption of the Queen’s mind, twisting and turning her view of the world. Later, Susanne finds her father’s company, currently in the process of mechanizing countless planets. Susanne applies for secretary under the name Susie, with the intent of taking control of Star Dream, and taking her revenge. Magolor arrives on Popstar and tries to steal the Master Crown from it’s guardian, Landia, the four headed dragon. With help from Kirby and Friends, who were tricked into it, Magolor forms the ultimate bond with Void Termina, as his Soul is ripped from his body. After defeating Magolor’s lifeless body, Kirby and friends escape from Another Dimension as it falls apart. Little did they know, the disturbances of reality allowed Hyness and the mages to break their own seal. Uniting other followers of their religion, they search for shards of power to unite the dark heart and revive the god, Void Termina. After the defeat of Sectonia and Star Dream, The Jambastion Mages have assembled the dark heart, and they intend to revive Void Termina and destroy the world that wronged them so much.

After the defeat of Sectonia and Star Dream, The Jambastion Mages have assembled the dark heart, and they intend to revive Void Termina and destroy the world that wronged them so much.

Fairly sure that got resolved in kirby star allies so this might be a little outdated

Thanks Nintendo man

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