Unfortunately, almost all the group projects at my university require Google Docs, so I have to use it to complete assignments. Is it possible to use Google Docs without using Google’s own client?

Of course, they are OASIS, you only have to save them as ODF or the OASIS kind of file, edit offline and update or sync with LibreOffice https://www.libreoffice.org/ and others compatible https://code.google.com/archive/p/ooo2gd/

As they export/import to/from MSO, you can even use MSO, but some features are not compatible

Also, Collabora Office for Android and IOS compatible devices works, https://www.collaboraoffice.com/

No. Google Docs format is proprietary. You’d have to export it and then reupload it and that would create a bunch of track syncing issues.

You could suggest to your Universities IT department that they use Nextcloud and OnlyOffice (both Open Source) instead of Google Docs, offer to show them a demo and tell them it would save them millions in licensing costs. But I imagine if it’s a Canadian University IT department they’re lazy AF. Mine switched everything over to Microsoft Office and then tried to cut professor wages to make up for the cost increase. Garbage.

But I imagine if it’s a Canadian University IT department they’re lazy AF.

Fuck man that hit home. Also speaking from experience?

Oh yeah. My university was quite garbage.

Might I ask which one? I’m currently at UBC.

Don’t feel comfortable for privacy reasons but it was out in the prairies.

I have not heard of anyone making a FOSS or third party client for Google Suite or such online services. Google does not allow working on documents from a guest or visitor/anonymous mode either. Might be a hard find.

This might not be a much helpful comment.

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