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I am a user that loves sources (as seen from my two Venezuela megathreads). We can all sniff out propaganda pieces sure, but to believe in Western narratives over others is Eurocentric at best, and maliciously imperialistic at worst. To dismiss these sources out right and not see the presented truth to what is going on is negligent and willfully ignorant. There are many primary sources, photos, and truth to these that should not be dismissed outright, and I hope we all can recognize the US’s agenda (trade war, anti-communist, cold war rhetoric) and their narratives against China.

Recently, there has been an absurd amount of praise for the Hong Kong protests that promote Western imperialism, orientalism, and eurocentrism around their “freedoms.” When, in reality, these protests are about an extradition law over a murdered pregnant woman:

[The extradition bill cane about when a man from Hong Kong killed his pregnant girlfriend while in holiday in Taiwan. He fled back to Hong Kong. Taiwan asked for him to be extradited, but Hong Kong did not have an extradition treaty with Taiwan, so the administration in Hong Kong proposed a bill that would allow Taiwan, the PRC, and Macau to request extradition, which the judiciary in Hong Kong can then approve. There were 49 crimes that were to be included in the bill that would allow extradition requests. Some of these were financial crimes, and the Bourgeoisie in Hong Kong shit themselves because they are often in breach of PRC law, but protected by Hong Kong’s independence as a Special Administrative Region. This bill is completely reasonable, and any fears of the PRC taking over or of the extradition of ‘political’ criminals is unfounded. Right now I fear that the US is encouraging the organizers to keep protesting in order to provoke the administration in Hong Kong to crack down on them, so that they can blame China and keep up their propaganda narrative that ‘CHINA BAD!’]( https://www.reddit.com/r/communism101/comments/c1nxga/opinions_on_hong_kong_protests/ered9wl/)

More on this here

So is this not a pretty gruesome case to rally a massive protest behind? Not for the West. As u/parenti_shotgun puts it:

The US is trying to leverage the only advantages it has right now: military supremacy, and a media monopoly, to demonize and try to start a new cold war with China. Chinas life expectancy even recently surpassed the USs, they hoodwinked western capital into dismantling production in their home countries, and now are the primary consumer goods producer for the whole world, and they have a renewable energy roadmap that puts the US to shame. Meanwhile the US has left the Paris climate agreements and a climate change denier has the presidency.

We need to be more vigilant than ever of this rash of anti-china stories, and not take all these stories at face value.

Some of the links below get into chinas slower, steadier road towards socialism, the contradictions and struggles involved, and how they managed to survive in a neoliberal sea when other socialist countries were overthrown it the 90s.

China in general:

-More debunking China’s Western narrative sources here

Credit Scores Social Credit Score

What about the Uyghurs?



What about the Tiananmen square massacre?

Hong Kong Protests

Please at least be skeptical in allying yourselves with Western narratives before completely writing off places like China. I see it all too often that people jump on the bandwagon for “human rights” only to retract back after seeing how the people of certain countries are actually reacting cough. Venezuela. cough. And to continue beating the drum of “pictures! Two million protesters! Red fascists! State capitalists!” without even reading anything about their political system, who is being defended, and cultural way of life is only adding to the strengths of imperialists.

Edit: Some users wanted me to add some info on the “Organ Harvesting myth.” As I said before “It is very difficult to prove a negative with this… I actually looked into this allegation of “organ harvesting”, and could not find anything other than “prisoner narratives”, which goes along the line of DPRK defactors (as in not reliable what so ever). This rumor has been said to come from a Chinese religious cult called the Falun Gong…”

LUCKILY, users below were able to find some credible sources debunking this as well:

Falun Gong Organ Harvesting

Edit 3:

Found another awesome source regarding China’s increase on their standard of living. Thanks u/flesh_eating_turtle!

The People’s Republic of China under Mao Zedong made enormous strides in living standards, dramatically bettering the lives of hundreds of millions of people. While the bourgeois establishment continues to misrepresent and distort the legacy of Mao Zedong, he remains an inspirational figure to the billions of people around the world who have benefited, either directly (via the improvements mentioned above) or indirectly (via his influence on global revolutionary movements), from his work.

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