This is why the US empire is crumbling. Their analyses are senseless and lead them only to the wrong conclusions, which lets other countries gain the upper hand.

Even more intermediate analyses like what you’d find in “specialist” newspapers and magazines are completely wrong. They are completely unable to understand the Chinese model and still think in binary terms of “capitalism=democracy, everything else=dictatorship”.

Maybe the top-secret, top-level documents are more accurate but seeing the absolute failures of the CIA these past couple of years I don’t think there’s much hope there either.


Maybe the top-secret, top-level documents are more accurate

Yeah mainstream media and Twitter blue checks are just public facing mouthepieces who got to where to they are by reflexively regurgitating what the White House and the State Department tell them to say. They play a massive hand in keeping people around the world purposefully ignorant. Things like journalistic accuracy and ethics are secondary to them.

Liberals say a lot of stupid things. Post incidences here.