I’m not sure if this question makes sense, but as someone fairly new to leftism, it seems a lot of time that far leftists and especially communists often don’t like non-leftists in any way and don’t want to interact with them, but that’s just what I’ve seen on the internet and I have no idea how it is in terms of real life friendships. I personally don’t know any other confirmed hard-line leftists in real life (I don’t know a lot of real life people at all TBH because I’m pretty introverted and suffer from social anxiety). What do you think? Do you have friends that are non-leftists and/or liberals? Should we?

One of my siblings is a leftist (I’m a Marxist-Leninist, and they’re not entirely sure what leftist ideology to follow, although they’re definitely not anarchist), but all my other friends are most definitely liberals. I’ve yet to try and convert them to Marxist-Leninists or anything yet (Primarily out of a bit of fear), but I have had friendly philosophical debates with them from time to time.

Yeah, you kind of have to if you want to build a message that leftism is for everyone. I don’t administer the woke purity test every time I associate with a new person, lol.


Yes definitely, its something thats almost impossible to avoid in capitalist countries unless you somehow have leftist friends, family and coworkers. And as communists, our main task is educating and agitating other people, which seems difficult if everyone around you has the same ideology. There are many people who dont care much about politics, but are open to certain solutions that we propose.

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