These guys must be serious about recruitment! Look at all this stuffs they sent me for free! (No the Xi book, but that came at the same time in the mail so that’s why it’s in the picture). I’m not sure if I want to join (I’ve been working with FRSO for a little bit, very small chapter locally) but I definitely want to donate to offset all this free propaganda! For sure made my day! So I will at least plug the prudent links.

The Party itself


They even have a publisher I hadn’t heard about yet.

Youth Wing

For whatever reason, my area is mostly dominated by Socialist Alternative and DSA (Eww) as far as Left-Wing orgs go. PCUSA and FRSO are kind of in the area, but not to the extent to where they have official chapters. Sad being an ML around here.


Hope you have a better time with PCUSA than I’m doing with CPUSA lol.

Don’t get me wrong: I like the rank-and-file of the CPUSA, but the I have… disagreements with the leadership, let’s just say.

as an American communist who isn’t yet a member of a party, I hope eventually we can unite our struggles into a united front or some other sort of vehicle which can carry out the people’s struggle. The working class is being chiseled away at, the class war is being accelerated by the crisis-laden bourgeoisie


We need communist unity over “left” unity.

And preferably a class unity under Marxism-Leninism.


You should definitely join some organisation if you arent in one already. Even if its not perfect, the best way to change it is from within. And Marxism is a collective ideology, meaning that you cant carry out effective work on your own or on the internet.


I know, I’m just impatient. Saying organizations in the USA are in their formative stages is a understatement. Every time I get involved it is usually more or less a study group who occasionally show up to rally somewhere. I know it’s unrealistic to want to show up and go do a revolution. I’m enjoying my time with FRSO and NAARPR, even my time with DSA. I’m just not exactly mentally fit to be a huge leader, and with FRSO having like >10 members in my area I feel like everyone has to be a leader if we are gonna grow and I get the impression that most parties in the area in the same boat. I won’t give up though, I know I can read 1000 books and it won’t make a revolution happen. Also I need to learn to drive, that’s making organizing hard lol. I’m way too old to be taking the bus everywhere lol


Maybe you have the wrong idea what being a communist means. To be honest I only joined my party about half a year ago, but most of what we do in our colectivo is studying and organising. Plus sometimes hanging posters or going to a demonstration. But it certainly doesnt mean attacking the police or crazy things like that.


Oh don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with studying and organizing. The Orgs definitely got the studying, I don’t know if the organizing is so good, but I think that’s just because America has been going backwards for so long, so we are pretty much starting from over trying to win the trust of the masses. Like I said, I am impatient and just want us to win already…which is of course idealistic nonsense, I am aware lol.

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