Honestly, Vaush doesn’t deserve this much of Hakim’s time. This dude is a hyper-reactionary sex pest fraud.


Can’t believed Vaush actually talked about the Iraqi people like that.


Ya its wild, he just keeps digging in and getting more edgy. Unfortunately his ego will survive this bc its based on his youtube subscriber counts and patreon money.


Agreed, sadly. I feel that we haven’t seen the last of him.


This is a big blow to his credibility though. It’s going to be harder for his supporters to credibly defend him when he’s talking down to someone whose home was literally blown up by US bombs like this. They will still try, of course, but it’s now easier than ever to tear down their arguments. When you also factor in his dicey comments on age of consent and his unthinkable ideas about decriminalising child porn it’s becoming easier and easier to at least question the motives of himself and his supporters.

It’s going to be harder for his supporters to credibly defend him when he’s talking down to someone whose home was literally blown up by US bombs like this.

That assumes they care. From my experiences when I used to be in the community, it’s all edgy teens who are a bad day away from turning alt-right. It’s just best to assume bad faith on their part.


I mean more in the sense of marginalising them from a broader audience than actually convincing them to turn their backs on Vaush. We have plenty of good ammo at this point to tear them down and convince others that they don’t want anything to do with them.

Ideally one day we want Vaush to go the way of Milo Yiannopoulous and have him isolated from his means of support, which would mean major streaming services deplatforming him. Arguably we already have enough to work with to make that happen if we could kick up a big enough stink about the service promoting child porn, denigrating war victims etc…


I can see this scenario happening, just not in an ideal way. It’ll probably be coupled with a banwave of other left content creators.

Hakim is so based.


He does such great work.


He’s arguably one of the best and it’s good to get that perspective from an Iraqi ML.

I used to watch Vaush before most of this stuff came out and he was so much more charitable to Hunter Avalone, who was at the time the Shapiro-lite of transphobic “lel cringy sjws” videos in 2019. He had debates with him and took time to go through his videos and try and change his views.

Radlibs have always been nicer to fascists.


I think he sees himself as a person that converts reactionaries at least from what he said on the Hakim video. He said “tankies like Hakim don’t convert anyone. The only people they convert are lefties over to pseudo-fascism.” Maybe he sees effectiveness in being more charitable to fascists?

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