Comrades, I wanted to thank you all for making part of this project. We have grown very quickly, from just me and a few articles in September to dozens of comrades and more than a hundred articles in December.

This project depends on our commitment to the effort and also our commitment to Marxism-Leninism and the international proletariat. I am sure each one of us is capable of contributing their knowledge and skills to improve our work and our organization.

Speaking of organization, a project like this, which by our growth standards should witness more than a hundred comrades in less than a year, has also the potential to be an international organization in itself. And we’ll need to adapt to new circumstances that may come. We need to evolve our organization in a way that we can avoid ideological infiltration and sabotage, while maintaining the safety of the project independent of individuals.

The migration process to a VPS is complete, we already have translations running and for the safety of our project, there are two more comrades in administrative positions, Jucheguevara and MxAsh. And we’ll add more comrades over time, too, provided they have contributed significantly to our project and we trust them. This can evolve to actual democratic elections and voting of members to certain positions of authority over time, if needed. And when we have enough human resources, we may eventually take the next step, which is to establish an organization to unite different Marxist-Leninist projects, including Lemmygrad, into a single centralized entity. We have the internet tools for that.

The next step after that, is to establish a connection between our future international organization and our local organizations, such as political parties we organize in. I expect this to happen in the course of 2 years at least. By that time, we may either be thriving in success, or our plans may be entirely defeated, but this depends entirely on us, and our commitment as I’ve said.

From the very beginning ProleWiki was conceived as an entity not owned by one individual, following this reasoning: it may be easy to assassinate someone behind a project which endangers the dominant class, but they can’t kill an organization with connections in each part of the world that easily.

Translations, finally!

We are ready to begin translations. Since translating the interface of ProleWiki is a time-consuming work, we will only add languages which have at least 3 to 5 comrades available to translate it. So, at the moment, we only have Portuguese translations on-going.

Since I am also a speaker of Portuguese, I translated the whole thing already, but future translations will be done using this link:

Don’t forget that to contribute with your comrades more efficiently, you should join our Telegram commune!


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