2dSeabourne_PLA'sRemoved Comment Well it depends what type of "communism" we're talking about. Fascism has usually a pretty clear understanding: repression of political dissent, emphasis on a national feeling and a sense of unique destiny to destroy/conquer whoever disagrees, various forms of eugenism (in the sense of killing people because they're homosexual or handicapped), the cult of work as a duty to your homeland, as in some cases also strong racism (to my knowledge this is not a feature of italian fascism, but rather other forms of nazism/fascism). So now, what is communism? According to marxists and anarchists, communism is the stateless, peaceful, egalitarian society. However, marxists believe an intermediary step is required to reach communism: the dictatorship of the proletariat, which has led to countless deaths and suffering. So if "dictatorship of the proletariat" is your definition of communism, then i would almost agree with you "communism" is just as bad as "fascism". However, there still are some differences: - women's rights (and often gay rights) are faring well under marxism-leninism ; that is, women are equal in their right to be exploited by the State - most leninist regimes, despite their atrocities, are not known for putting forward racial theories and committing genocides (although Stalin in the USSR had quite some genociding on his hands) So no, it's not the same. And in any way, most people you will meet through life will talk about communism as the principle free and equal society. That is, the abolition of privileges (remember 1789?) and freedom and equality for all. In this anarchist understanding of communism, then really there's nothing wrong with communism. Free association + Mutual aid + Solidarity against domination = <3 [Short introduction to anarchism i wrote in another topic]( by reason: horseshoe theory - claiming Communism is as bad as Fascism
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