Looks good, but I wish there was an option to allow running a bridge without running your own Matrix home server. Edit: apparently works with Conduit at least…


Have Matrix abandoned development of Dendrite, outside of P2P?

I ask because development has been non-existent for most of this year, particularly since February, since when almost all commits have been related to their P2P/Pinecone stuff. …

Question regarding matrix config

I have a selfhosted instance of matrix and I’m using element as my client. When I go to element app it has the option to add an email and phone number so people can find you. The only problem is it says it’s disabled on my server. Does anyone know what I need to enable to make this work? …

Element is now getting closer and closer to be a 100% viable Discord alternative. Now, as a beta feature you can group your rooms and conversations in a public, private or personal, way, which means you can have something similar to Discord channels with various rooms for certain topics. …

We’ve just released the first public P2P Matrix demo using the experimental Pinecone protocol. There are builds available for Android right now and iOS is following shortly via Testflight as soon as it passes Apple’s beta review: …

Need help on migrating people to matrix

What’s the best strategy to migrate people of age to use matrix instead of the alternatives? With the implementation of space coming in soon, I would like other people to use this instead of discord, whatsapp, and other insidious applications…

Apresentação do Hummingbard

Hummingbard é uma experiência de construção de comunidades no topo da Matrix…


Introducing Hummingbard

A Matrix-based Reddit/Lemmy/blogs/whatever alternative. Let’s see how it will evolve…


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