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Anyone who denies it at this point is either living under a rock or has ulterior motives. …

There are links for more informational articles and a place to sign. …

It’s an interesting discussion here. I also think, for those who think it’s unfair that conventional to organic farmers need three years to allow the soil to recover but hydroponic farmers dont need to worry about this…are hydroponic farmers required to study the effect of the water they use in thei…

This is apparently only a trailer (for what I am not sure, he just mentioned a book in the works), but it plus my plethora of tomato seedling plants makes me think of how important community is in growing food. …

Are there any sustainability issues with graphite?

Graphite is used in pencils, and now more than ever, it finds its way into technology as a heat transfer medium, conductor, as well as a bunch of other uses most people don’t even consider. But it occurred to me that I never stopped to think about where graphite comes from. I’m assuming it’s mined j…

The entire Go Green Edition is crafted from sustainable materials. The packaging, game board, money, cards, and trays are made from 100-percent recycled paper. The game tokens themselves (including a dinosaur!) are made from a plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane, and the dice and houses come …

Green - An environmentalist community

    This is the place to discuss environmentalism, preservation, direct action and anything related to it!


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