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There are different types of corporate training. For developing effective training you need to get in touch with not just the stakeholders but also the end-users who will the people who take your training. The 38th episode of Office English talks about the aspects related to develop and deliver trai…

Many elderly WWII vets in Russia live alone and haven’t the ability to improve their living conditions. Volunteers hear their dreams all across Russia starting projects to help WWII veterans improve their living conditions for free. The wave of civic engagement came after Anton from Ekaterinburg, Ce…

Instructional Designing is another profession that uses English communication skills directly and I am coming up with that as a playlist. In the 37th episode of Office English, let us have a look into the various models that instructional designers use for designing and developing training programs…

Corporate training employs storytelling with audience involvement. In the 36th episode of Office English, let’s see how to do storytelling for corporate training -

Its a very interesting video. Disclaimer, I dont agree with every point that he makes. But the account also has many newer videos which are more specific, and more accurate…

Neat vids from youtube. Rules later

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