How would a large scale gift economy be implemented?

Most gift economies require a certain amount of trust and bonds with other people, that just isn’t possible with large amounts of people. How could decommodified exchange be implemented on a larger scale?..

A short outline I wrote suggesting a metaphor with which to think about cybernetics in an anarchist context. I hope its helpful to some of you. I’ll be uploading something more in depth on the subject in the next week or so. …

Green anarchy: to seize or to sabotage

I’ve posted a link that made me think. When we get our hands on the means of production, we must think about how those means are affecting the Earth, and sometimes those processes can be quite destructive. Sabotage is one potential solution to the problem of industrialization. **When we get our hand…

Veganarchism and anti-natalism

Why does there seem to be a connection between vegan anarchism and anti-natalism? The idea of anti-natalism makes me incredibly depressed, and I do not agree with it, but I’m open to commentary and debate…

Having some hangups about shoplifting

I’m having some major hangups about shoplifting, specifically how it affects employees and members of the proletariat. What do you think about shoplifting? Don’t waste my time answering if you’re not a socialist…

imo they are both useful frameworks that compliment each other, usefully in different times and places, insurrecto tends to be more individualist, and plats are more explicitly collectivist/communist, but these are two parts of the whole. They both have their own flaws, like reckless terrorism on th…

Why are we called idealists (as an insult)?

MLs and some Marxists in general think we’re too idealistic and utopian. Isn’t expecting the state to wither away by itself when it ceases to be useful pretty idealist? I really don’t understand why MLs think that would happen when it hasn’t happened at all in history…


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