Make the navigation bar stick

Or at least appear when you scroll up, that way the user doesn’t have to scroll all the way up…

Opening links in a new tab

I´m not sure if I´m the only one bugged out with this, but it would be nice to have either by default or an option to open links in a new tab with the regular left click. …

To consider on adding this feature?

I think lemmy should have a feature to move communities from one instance to another…

Lemur inside

Just Lemur, just coffee #Russia #coffee #lemmy…


A feature to see a comment's context in the inbox tab?

This way you don’t have to keep opening tabs if you got a bunch of replies…

Ability to filter out individual communities?

Sometimes I like to browse “All” for a broader view of what’s going on out there in the Lemmy-verse, but there are a few of the shriller communities I’m certain I’ll never be interested in.

Lemmy Development Update 2021-04-09

dessalines: …

A feature to mark posts as seen?

This way we don’t have to come across the same posts over and over again…

Suggestions to Help Encourage Spreading Out

I think as a federated alternative to Reddit, it’d make more sense for the platform to treat instances more like “subreddits” rather than “Reddits”. …

Editing titles as community moderator?

Probably on the ToDo, but it would be really nice if a community moderator could edit post titles if they are clickbait or otherwise insufficient…


Lemmy Development Update 2021-04-02

@nutomic: …

I think it’s specifically but I don’t know for sure? Anyone have a good workaround? …

Would a Raspberry Pi for be sufficient to host a server with a few communities?

I am interested in starting a server but don’t want to use my primary computer. I prefer to use something much more efficient. …

Why can't I create a community for nudists /naturists?

I just found out about this website and I’ve been pretty happy with what I’ve seen, but there are some communities missing. …

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Can't upload pictures : error

Hello, …


The linked picture shows how it looks in Lemmur, but looking at it via the web client doesn’t show the association for either the user or the post itself. What’s going on here?..

Is there some sort of public development roadmap for Lemmy?

As a new user I think it’d be nice to know what features are currently planned or being worked on. There’s of course the Github page but is there anywhere else I should know about?..

Lemmy Development Update 2021-03-26


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