SoloKey or YubiKey or NitroKey ?

What do you prefer and why ? And which one can I easily use for disk or file system or file encryption on Linux or BSD ?..

Video conference supplier review by Berlin state

The data protection officer of the federal state Berlin has issued an updated report in German which Video Conference supplier are recommended to be used from a legal perspective. …

A complete yet beginner friendly guide on how to secure Linux

I do not like to post Teddit (Reddit) posts on Lemmy but this guide with the almost 400 comments might be very useful for some readers here - note the part about running services on ports like 22000, something which I learned years ago about, the soft way not the hard way ;)…

Brazil-based JBS SA said on Monday that it was the target of an organized cyberattack that had affected servers supporting North American and Australian IT operations. A White House spokeswoman later said the meat producer had been hit by a ransomware attack “from a criminal organization likely ba…

When I started to use Firejail for Firefox and a few other applications I thought it was a great idea, until I read this conversations (URL) a few days ago. My perfect setup is getting a computer with libreboot and a CPU which can do nested pages so I can run FreeBSD and then on top of that with Bhy…

USBGuard: Black- or Whitelist USB Devices

Protect your Linux machine from being plug-and-pwned by malicious USB devices. They have a command line program which allows you to easily write your own scripts for showing notifications, controlling what devices are allowed etc…

Confidentiality Integrity Availability

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