General Programming Discussion

What is your opinion of automated UI testing?

From my experience the tests seem to break extremely easily and there is more time spent fixing them than finding actual bugs in the UI…

All right, I’ve been playing on the web for a long while now but y’all might tempt me back to terminal stuff with this. It’s so, so cute! …

extremely dumb noob question (and noob op): php vs nodejs

I have heard people call nodejs “serverside js”. Is that true? Could it replace php? thanks…

Which Linux distro is the best for programming?

Currently I’m using Linux Mint but I’m having issues with my Nvidia graphics card. …

Modern SW Design book recommendation

I have been working as a C++ developer for some years now, and have lately gotten more interested in finding out what are the best practices for SW design. Think SW architecture, UML, design patterns etc. Can anyone recommend a good (and fairly new) book for modern SW design, preferably with UML exa…

General Programming Discussion

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