Tech Quickie (Linus Tech Tips) talks about dark patterns

Sadly, I feel like it only scratches the surface of most dark patterns. …

Forensically offers online all the necessary tools to analyze and discover photos that were retouched or falsified…


From the head of PowerDNS a bit about toasters, outsourcing, innovation and how it’s tied together from an EU facing view. …

Satellite view of the Earth in real time, zoom up to almost street level, with names of these…


Convert old Black and White photos into color photos with one click, using AI…

Magic Earth uses OpenStreetMap data and a powerful search engine to offer you the optimal routes for driving, biking, hiking, and public transportation. They don’t track you, nor do they profile you. They don’t trade in your personal data, and they don’t collect it (as stated in the Apple app privac…

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