Just found this Spotify downloader on IzzyOndlDroid, works great!..


Ask to crack simul8

Comrades, do you know any way to crack simul8 ? or any keygen?..

Pirating fonts

Hello! …

Does using a torrent search engine via qBittorrent that is coded in Python affect my privacy in any way?

I recently installed some torrent search engines into my qBittorrent application and I was wondering if it came with any privacy concerns. …

Venta por catálogo

disfruten este maravilloso video ¡¡¡Muchas Gracias!!!..


Is there any way to reset trackers to default? (qBittorrent)

I added a bunch of trackers to a torrent, but now I only want the ones I added gone. Is there a way to reset the trackers to the default ones that came with the torrent?..

MobileBASIC 2.23

Hi, I’ve got something really useless but bizarre in here: MobileBASIC 2.23 IDE for PC. Quite a few years back it was probably used to create simple and not-so-simple MIDlets (Java ME phne/nokia applications) This software is pretty hard to get, which is understandable because it’s abandonware. …


What are some handy youtube-dl aliases you use?

I just saw the huge list of sites that yt-dl supports, and it’s … well staggering. I’ve been playing around with it a bit more, and I’m writing custom aliases for ease of downloading. For example I made: …

Can i share magnets here ?

Am i allowed to share magnet links to torrents here or no ?..

Reddit piracy megathread repo

Puting this here incase the redidt one gets banned…

Welcome to /c/piracy

No netflix or streaming services landlubbers allowed, this is pirates territory.

#piracy_activism Matrix chat

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