I’m not satisfied with the standard motto either. There’s an issue with using ‘bastard’ as an insult, but that’s a separate matter. The main problem with the phrase is that it’s too simplistic and misleading. A cop who acts polite and spends a year handing out tickets before either quitting or getting fired isn’t on the same level as somebody who repeatedly commits police brutality every year; one is annoying, and the other is atrocious. They both ultimately uphold the capitalist system, but the phrase doesn’t really convey that; it just conflates the two.

I wouldn’t say that the police in a people’s republic is just as wrong, if not worse, than that in the empire either. I do question their future utility and would prefer to see their obsolescence, but that’s quite different from opposing the oppression that neoimperial police routinely commit.

Maybe I’m just nitpicking, but I have seen people mention these loopholes repeatedly and it gets pretty tiresome.

All Cops Are Bastards
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