I have a good experience with digitalocean when it comes to technical stuff, or computing stability, most of my apps hosted there are business related apps, has nothing to do with public opinion. but recently i decided to launch a lemmy instance that allows freedom of speech with very less restrictions, and i’m still thinking to put the service on digitalocean, but i dont know if digitalocean is good when it comes to freedom of speech, because i dont want to wake up at the morning and find that they blocked my account and deleted all my data because they didn`t like what my users are talking about.

Note: Less restrictions means (no pornography, child pornography, terrorist group and violence support, copyrighted materials trade).


Digitalocean is based in the United States, so if you host your instance there, you will have to follow the laws of that country to some degree (at least if the instance gets big enough for someone to notice). It will probably be similar if your instance is hosted in another country, and I dont think there is any country that is clearly neutral.

So my suggestion is to think about which countries your instance would mainly criticize, and then host in a “hostile” country. For example, if you want to criticize the United States, host in Russia or China as their governments wont care about that. Or vice versa.


From what I’ve heard the US law is pretty okay in terms of freedom of speech if you aren’t a direct threat to the US

Yeah. Suuuure. Snowden. Assange. Daniel Hale. Chelsea Manning. Reality Winner. Countless others. Ring any bells?


They were threatening the US so they had to go (according to the US)

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