womens day protest in town

sweet, some unions and local antifas participate

none of the usual commie groups but ok

listen to the speaker literally screech about rojava and sex work for 30mins

“The wh*re is the symbol of the destruction of patriarchy”

Like 90% of the people are 20yo university students

Whatever, can hand out some flyers, magazines, etc

‘leftoids’ almost shit themselves soon as you mention the word socialism


Man why do radlibs have to ruin everything with their bougie ass bullshit?

    • KommandoGZDOP
      1 year ago

      Not only that, it’s such a strange niche issue young radlibs copied from Yankee Twitter, because they’re totally separated from the tangible, material struggles of the average working class woman.

      There’s so many real issues they could’ve talked about that women still face or are facing increasingly. They could’ve talked about the effects the fucked up Covid response had on women in particular, how remote work and inflation have heightened double exploitation, how women have been forced to give up their jobs to become housewives again, how they’re forced to stay in abusive household. They could’ve talked about free kindergardens to alleviate this issue, hell they could’ve talked about the struggles and exploitation Ukrainian (refugee) women face currently. They could’ve talked about the horrific misery imposed upon Afghan women by our government and on and on…

      But they talked about Rojava…and sex work by styling themselves revolutionary wh*res.

      It’s fucking shameful. I know heaps of real feminists - in name and/or praxis - young and old. Some of them have been fighting the struggle in the peace movement, womens movement, unions and socialist orgs since the late 60s. Real, revolutionary women. These are the kinds of people you should see at rallys like that. But you don’t, because at best they’d laugh about this bougie shit, at worst they’d feel insulted.

      Fucking whack