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The best way is to torrent, and not use these privatized services that give you the priviledge of borrowing movies they’ve captured for a fee, and still make you watch ads.

Torrenting is sharing data with others for the good of all; using these centralized services is only benefitting the distribution companies.


seconded. Torrenting is safe and easy. The more people torrenting the more accessible files and information becomes. It also provides the only argument against corporate raising of prices and lowering of standards. They treat you poorly because they think you can. Torrenting is the counter response.

1337X is my go to for movies and TV. Pirate Bay is always a great option.
Transmission is a free and open source client.

Further I’d have to say, that’s actually MORE ethical than blocking ads.

Pirating via bit torrent or any indirect source. Hulu, youtube, or whatever spends $0 delivering the movie to you. Technically they spent nothing on you and their only loss is the hypothetical what you might have spent if you found it worth it.

On the other hand, adblocking… actually does cost them. They are hosting, so they are paying for the bandwidth to deliver the stream to you.

For an analogy I suppose, bittorrenting is a bit like copying recipes to cook for yourself or family and friends at home. Technically it’s illegal but it doesn’t cost them anything.

Alternatively… blocking the ads is a bit like walking into a restraunt, grabbing free bread, then dashing.

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