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Death to America--Political Education--

This sub is dedicated solely to sharing anti-imperialist news and political education resources. Take memes or off topic content elsewhere.

It is not based in any ideology except for certain points of unity that we agree upon which include:

-Imperialism is the principal contradiction. The priority is the defeat of US/NATO, the zionist entity, and all other imperialist puppets and collaborators.

-Russia, China, and Iran are not imperialist nations by any metric. They are the primary material forces of a global anti-imperialist struggle.

-All nations and peoples have the right to be free from imperialist domination and the right to self-determination. Under imperialism, the struggle for sovereignty in the periphery and semi-periphery is class struggle.

  • ”You cannot be with Palestine, unless you are with the Islamic Republic of Iran… If you are an enemy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, then you are an enemy of Palestine"

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