this is twisted.
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Why are cis people so invested in trans people like it impacts them? Why do they treat the right for trans people to exist as just another opinion to debate? Why don’t they care about actual issues? As a trans woman it infurates me.

The answer is simple. They don’t understand.

I’m a straight man, but I’ve deemed myself that after some sexual experimentation.

Any hate for people other than straight men and women is just ignorance.

“what if I date a trans girl on accident?” and “trans girls don’t look feminine enough” are very contridicting things yet I always see said by the same cis mfs

Its because they are fragile, when I was a lib, the fact that something could actually make me look within myself like that scared me. Its a reactionary movement pure and simple, and foolishness of the highest order. Its very possible that these people are actually pretty uncomfortable in their current gender state, like I was, but sadly can’t bear the thought of shaking their status quo.

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