We Soviet Wives
I finally got my hands and an the article "We Soviet Wives" written by Anna Louise Strong in 1934, talking more on the roles of women in Soviet marriages!let...

Her videos are really nice.

Can you see the inconsistency in claiming you are anti-imperialist and desire a classless society (communism) but then you perpetuate the imperial racist class discrimination of faith practitioners (particularly Muslims)?

China? has Marxist religious practitioners. Cuba? Marxist religious practitioners. The USSR? Marxist religious practitioners.

Marx himself called religion a reflection of the conditions of society, and his criticism for it was when focus on the otherworldly led to ignoring the conditions of the worldly.

If you think that Marxism requires a complete discrimination against the spirituality and faith of others then you’re just a different flavour of oppressor.


Excuse me but I am not even from the imperial core. I think it is just a cope out that somehow being anti-imperialist means handing yourself over to any sort of wackery as long as it is not from the “imperial core”. And again, people do get a pass for having inherited from their culture and having been born into it. The lady we are discussing? NO, this is not part of her culture, she made the extra effort towards conversion which, again, deserves to be called out and is indeed a red flag that you are not dealing with someone whose main concern is Marxism.

Seanchaí (she/her)

Okay I’ll be sure to tell the Palestinian Society at our next rally that they’re delusional and not real Marxists, but that Shrimpy on the Internet says they get a pass because they were raised that way and presumably that means they’re too stupid to know better.

Get the fuck over yourself, Marxism is not when you alienate every fucking worker who has religion, whether they converted or not. And it’s pretty disgusting to act like converting to Islam is bad because Islam is bad, but somehow being raised in it you get a “pass” because I guess people raised Islam are just not expected to know better? Fuck off with that.

There’s nothing inherently incompatible with Marxism and religion, so long as the religion isn’t used to oppress others or as an escape from seeking worldly resolutions to worldly contradictions.

And yeah, being from outside the imperial core does not give you a pass on perpetuating imperialist bullshit like blanket statements about how Muslim people can’t be real Marxists or that someone is fucking delusional for believing in Allah. Fuck outta here with that oppressive bullshit, do some reading.


I see that Shrimpy was banned, but I’ll comment anyway. There are only two possible ways in which what they were saying could be construed as appropriate:

  1. They were holding (like Hoxha and the Albanian Party of Labor) to the strictest possible interpretation of materialism, that it necessarily entails atheism and opposition to religion. I’m a person of faith myself, but I can respect this position. Nevertheless, the comment should have been phrased so as to make it clear that it referred to all religions, not just Islam, and our comrade should have explained why holding to the Muslim faith might make the “young lady’s” take on women in the Soviet Union invalid (I don’t see how it does).

  2. They oppose Islam on religious/philosophical grounds, the way a Buddhist (say) might believe a Christian or indeed a Muslim is misguided in their beliefs. This is legitimate, but it’s not a political topic. Post about it in a philosophical or religious forum, not on genzedong.

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