This is just a rant but, I used to live in one of the socialist country and American made up lies about it which is completely untrue. They downplay a massacre and conduct smear campaign.

Yeah, some of the smartest people in the west dedicate their lives to spreading these lies. They’re called social studies teachers.


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Somewhat related, but I had a US history teacher in high school who I recall being openly disdainful towards socialism and even democracy. A few years after graduating I found out that he used to train FBI instructors at their training facility in the DC area before he came to teach at my school.


High School history teachers are actually so dogshit 99% of the time basically always NATO and imperialism shills. My year 11 modern history teacher did a unit on the “Arab-Israeli conflict” literally didn’t even use the name Palestine, and ofc the whole unit was basically just “terrorists, anti semitism, right of return” spent most of it learning about Zionism and how akchually it’s good, and there was maybe one single mention of “oh also there’s allegations of human rights abuses but dw about it”. that whole class was ass for the 2 years lol we spent half a year on the jfk assassination in an Australian school for some reason??? and there was a unit on the Russian revolution which basically got summed up as “tsar bad but Lenin also bad, me me big brain”

so yeah the US education system definitely isn’t the only one that’s complete shit


Something the entire world can agree is that the american school sistem is garbage, even the american midia acknowledges that

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