No, Stalin did not adopt or take Trotsky's Economic Plan

Copying this post a user submitted on reddit. …

Trotsky's Permanent Revolution

“The Perspective of permanent revolution may be summarized in the following way: the complete victory of the democratic revolution in Russia is conceivable only in the form of the dictatorship of the proletariat, leaning on the peasantry. The dictatorship of the proletariat, which would inevitably p…


The NEP and Leon Trotsky

The New Economic Policy as a fundamental shift in the economic relations to the young Soviet Republic. I want to go over Trotsky’s relationship with this policy as it seems to be a commonly misunderstood aspect of Trotsky. …


What Is Trotskyism?

“Trotskyism is not a new movement, a new doctrine, but the restoration, the revival, of genuine Marxism as it was expounded and practised in the Russian revolution and in the early days of the Communist International.”

— James P. Cannon (1944)

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