Shit Says

He hasnt said it YET but if you read his posts/comments about wolfballs, not to mention nutomic's anitvaxx stance and his defense of the wolfball admin, it's gonna happen

Maybe don't be an archetypal settler going to bat for other settlers, and you won't get metaphorically rolled in a sweet and smoked. I don't know a _single_ working class programmer except my professors; I don't wanna hear you weeping your plainly-obvious crocodile tears when you could easily pick up a six figure job _tomorrow._ EDIT: I'm given to understand nutomic's German, if that can be trusted-- and _I do not care._ The nature of the FOSSbro space has made American colonial mentality into a global brainrot; and I will continue flagging those who display it as settlers. Because it's not just a physical attribute, _but a mental one too._ God bless.

Lemmy decided to go soft on the wolfballs admin
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Shit Says

    I think it’s time for a c/shitlemmysays board because there’s too much fuckery going on not to record and fool on it.

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